Wednesday, June 6, 2007


So, I'm in HASTE now.

Or what's left of HASTE since they split up.

So let's see...

Heavyweight - Team Leader
Mr. Boy Scout. Not quite as bad as the New Guardians, but still, yeesh. I think I've figured out who he actually is under the mask, but I think he'd prefer me not to voice my guesses on here for the wide world to see. Oh, and his powers? Gravity manipulation, and to a lesser extent, sound generation. Wouldn't be very pretty when he falls on you.

Dr. Insector
The closest thing to a comrade I have on the team. Scientifically gifted, he has produced a way to control the insects around him to do his bidding. It really is an amazing sight watching him fly on an insect swarm.

I'm really not sure what happened to him. His real name is Danny Byron, one of the few people on this team who aren't hiding under secret identities. I suppose its because he doesn't really have one anymore. No body, no ID. Fortunately, he has some sort of telepathy to be able to talk to use. Hand signals can't really be used in the middle of a battle, you know?

Opens rifts into another dimension, which he calls "The Void." He can pull objects through the rifts, but won't take people. Understandable, I guess. Seems kind of young to be on a team like this.

Yours truly, Dr. Adrian Gyarksen. In case you're just tuning into this, I'm completely covered in blue flame. Also, the ionization of the air around me enables me to manipulate my momentum. In other words, I can fly.

There are other heroes circulating around the Big Apple here, and, shock and awe, they aren't all affiliated with Vanguard. And there goes one now, just phased through my room. How nice. If I was in the New Guardians, now would be the time to go all a'hero-hunting. Me? Nah, I'd rather let them do what they want.



Well, so much for my thoughts getting published through SIGMA. I'm out of my own now. Atleast I still have the backups of my "pre-fire" stage.

Oh, the fire. Yeahhhh. Seems my core wasn't nearly as stable as I thought it was. Whoops. Oh, well. Not like anyone was harmed. I'm still fine, and I was the only one in the room. Only now I'm surrounded by an (I'm told) intensely burning blue flame. I can't feel a thing from it.

But no, seems I may have upset the big honcho by my "carelessness." He got some people to pack up my things for me, then ordered me into the med room to be presided over. Wherein I got my fancy new bodysuit to protect me. Personally I think its more to keep SUN PG-13. Also, they implanted an inhibitor chip in me. No idea where, I was just told by the Artisan about it. Apparently it acts upon my thoughts to partially control the heat the flame gives off. You know, to keep me from barbequeing all the innocent passers-by. I was then told to join up with a Vanguard-friendly group, like the New Guardians.

Ehhh... I think I'll pass on them. I'll try HASTE instead. They seem less... puppet-y.



Ultimatum wants us working on this new fusion drive for "our great nation."

No. I won't go into any further detail on it, I know this gets broadcast in certain areas.

So far my plasma core has produced the most energy output, putting the rest of those simpletons designs far in the dust.

But no, my design "clearly wasn't tested." And "appears to be reaching a catastrophic point."

Hmph. I'll show them.


Is this working yet? Voice to text aides are always so finicky.

Damnable SIGMA.

Always interfering with us, the greatest minds in the nation.

The only nation now, too, since Ultimatum deigned it to be.

But, no, now SIGMA wants us recording our thoughts for them to analyse later. They claim its just to keep backups of us, for if we were working on an important project, and some unfortunate supervillainy occured to prevent us returning to work. Apparently they also plan to share our thoughts with the world at large, probably censored to show that everybody is happy here. Good thing I'm making this backup before it gets uploaded to SIGMA's central database.

Huh, ok. Maybe that works on the lessers, but come on. You're expecting us in the premier thinktank of the Singular Unified Nation to believe that?

I think that's enough ranting for now, otherwise I expect they'll come around here for a "little chat."